Deadly Invisible Enemies (DIE) Series

A Techno Thriller Drama Book Series


Evil in the Air ~ Harold Brown
Hunt for Evil ~ Harold Brown
Evil Resurrection ~ Harold Brown

Deadly Invisible Enemies:  Evil in the Air (Book 1) 2021 Literary Titan Gold Award; 2019 The Crime List Finalist Award  (Book 1) from Rebel Seed Studio for the Best Book/Manuscript/Film Crime Story; Hunt for Evil (Book 2) 2021 Literary Titan Silver Award (Book 2); Evil in the Air and Hunt for Evil Anthology (Books 1 and 2) 2016 eLit Silver Medal Book Award for Best Anthology;  Evil Resurrection (Book 3) 2020 Elite Choice Award Gold Award ; 2020 Literary Titan Award Silver Award (Book 3); 2018 Book Excellence Award Finalist for Best Books in a Series (Books 1-3); 2021 eLit Best Book Trailer Silver Award (Book 3 Trailer); 2021 Best eBook Award (Books 1, 2 and 3) Action on Film MegaFest Film Festival and Writer’s Competition; 2021 Best eBook Award Nomination (Books 1, 2 and 3) 2021 Hollywood Dreamz International Film Festival and Writers Competition

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DEADLY INVISIBLE ENEMIES: Evil in the Air (Book 1)

Synopsis:  What would soul mates give up to be together? What would soul mates do to stay together? On the night of his tenth wedding anniversary Kevin Albright was about to find this out, and so much more.

Evil In The Air ~ Harold BrownKevin Albright is a renowned Internet computer technology security expert, on the verge of finally having it all—a family. But in an instant he loses a wife and a son as security is breached at the highest level of government and his world is turned upside down. When he describes the thug who killed his wife, FBI investigators are quick to tell him a person matching the description died years earlier in Central America, while two FBI Agents claim they tried to save his wife and that it was a drug deal gone-wrong.

Kevin suspects the FBI are not sharing the real details about that night and wonders if the United States Attorney General knows what is really going on in the Department of Justice. He vows to get the killers even if they’re in the government and he has to “die” to do it.

When he is nearly killed, it sets off a high stakes game of 3D cyber chess on the Internet. Kevin must play like a chess master to stay alive and close in on an unseen enemy—a “dead” drug lord and partner reincarnated as stealthy information brokers operating in plain sight. While the FBI and CIA frantically search for those threatening the United States, their information brokering business is thriving—stealing and trading state secrets to the highest international bidder. They are ruthless, something learned in the drug trade, destroying anyone and everything that gets in the way of their next deal.

Dying to get his wife’s killers, the hunt takes Kevin deep into an invisible Internet underworld, where anyone’s computer or cell phone can be remotely armed to fire invisible bullets and launch sinister attacks; where time, distance and location mean nothing. Where computer trafficking is more lethal than drug trafficking. Where crime and terrorism are a global electronic game played, won or lost in nanoseconds. This is the new reality, virtual reality—a world of evil and deadly invisible enemies.

Details: 194 pages, paperback and eBook  available worldwide at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple Book, Chapters-Indigo and hundreds of independent booksellers 

ISBN-13: 978-0-9938605-0-8 (Paperback)  ISBN-13: 978-0-9938605-2-2 (eBook)


“Deadly Invisible Enemies: Evil in the Air  is the first entry in Harold Lea Brown’s riveting techno thriller Deadly Invisible Enemies series. Kevin Albright is a well-known Cyber technology security expert whose life is finally going according to plan. Happily married for 10 years and blessed with a son. Until an upcoming hidden cyber domain operated by a criminal mastermind got him on their radar and …. security breach at the highest government levels.  Albright smells foul play in the Department of Justice… He vows to get the killer at all costs…he sets out on a dangerous mission. His pursuit takes him deep into a dark cyber underworld where the internet has been weaponized.

Harold Lea Brown rivetingly explores the effect of technology on people with a thoroughly entertaining storyline propped up by engaging writing. The story reminds of the The Matrix in some ways, with its almost cerebral like approach to tech vs humanity, with a bit of the movie Hackers with its gritty storytelling that ultimately relies on intriguing characters to drag you deep into this complex world.

The book explores how cybercrimes might end up being more dangerous compared to other crimes, and this stark contrast is peppered with twists in nearly every chapter, and a kind of edge of your seat storytelling that gave me a bit of anxiety. I have to say the emotional exploitation and evil portrayed in the book helps in making the characters seem more real, if not relatable to readers. There is some extensive use of monologues and dialogues throughout the book, but I felt that this helped build a connection with the characters and set the stage for some interesting scenes. The book is extremely detailed, ensuring that readers will understand every bit of this novel.”  Evil in the Air by Harold Lea Brown is a thrilling cyberpunk novel that is sure to captivate readers and is a fun start to an action packed series.” — ★★★★★ – Literary Titan 2021

Evil in the Air (Book 1)

Evil in the Air ~ Harold Brown


Synopsis: What would you do if you—lost everything? Were haunted by demons and hunted by an invisible enemy? Could not trust the FBI or the U.S. Attorney General? Kevin Albright was about to find out.

Kevin’s world is turned upsideHunt For Evil ~ Harold Brown down, and the search for answers only leaves more questions and doubts. The hunt takes him deep into an invisible underworld where he teams up with a woman who shares a common haunting past and a remarkable resemblance to his wife. But she is hiding a secret, a secret that could kill him. He knows the only way to locate and force the killers out into the open is to match their ruthlessness and cunning—and then destroy them, and their network, before the clock runs out and they execute their next deal.

As Kevin closes in on the killers, he discovers evidence that their next deal is about to be launched. The potential target area—the U.S. east coast which includes twenty-six nuclear facilities, four liquefied natural gas terminals and major high-density population cities—New York, Philadelphia, Boston and Washington.

Details: 212 pages, paperback and eBook  available worldwide at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple Book, Chapters-Indigo and hundreds of independent booksellers 

ISBN-13: 978-0-9938605-1-5  (Paperback) ISBN-13: 978-0-9938605-3-9 (eBook)


“Deadly Invisible Enemies (Hunt for Evil) by Harold Lea Brown is the second book in the series. We continue to follow Kevin Albright who continues to fight a war against cyber crimes which led to the murder of his wife and son on their tenth wedding anniversary. He is now more than ever determined to catch his wife’s killers and while at it take down Big D who is hell-bent on killing him. His anger, guilt, and determination together with his intelligence are what give him an advantage over his enemies. The comparison he constantly makes between his late wife and co-worker is what helps him numb some of the pain of his loss and a bond between them grows.

Harold Lea Brown continues to show his unbeatable storytelling prowess as he smoothly connects the cliffhanger of book one with book two, clearing the suspense…  Hunt for Evil has a fast pace compared to the first book with a quick succession of events within the plot. The mystery in this book is not any less than it is in the first book. Grief has been widely portrayed in the book as Kevin still hasn’t forgiven himself for what happened to his young family. He is filled with pain and rage and the same time. I love how Harold gets into Kevin’s mind making the reader feel connected to the character’s emotions and dilemma. Widely used dialogue within the book helps readers feel connected and involved in the story. The whole book is filled with mystery and sudden turn of events that keep the reader wanting more.

Hunt for Evil is a fast-paced turn cyberpunk thriller that possesses good character development and takes the reader through a rollercoaster of emotions. This is a suspenseful continuation of Harold Lea Brown’s Deadly Invisible Enemies techno thriller series.” — ★★★★ — Literary Titan 2021

“This book (Book 1 and 2-Anthology) worked together in so many ways! … The ‘deadly invisible’ theme… the character’s uncertain situation.  The writing was taut and pristine.  Overall, I very much enjoyed this! The Deadly Invisible Enemies Anthology,, scored five out of five for outstanding plot, story appeal, spelling, punctuation, grammar, production quality and cover design; and four of five for structure, organization, pacing, character appeal and development, voice and writing style.” — Judge, 4th Annual Self-Published e-Book Awards, Writers Digest.

Hunt for Evil (Book 2)

Hunt for Evil ~ Harold Brown

DEADLY INVISIBLE ENEMIES:Evil Resurrection (Book 3)

Synopsis:  What if all things that happen in life—good and evil—are not random or coincidence, but really intentional cyber events?

Evil Resurrection ~ Harold BrownKevin Albright is relocated to a foreign country, with a new identity. Trapped between the living and the dead, he’s a lone wolf left to fight evil global cyber forces, and his past life demons, alone. His unrelenting search for the truth about what really happened to his family puts him on a collision course with enemies from his past as he uncovers a plot that will bring world superpowers to their knees.

With no home country and uncertainty about whom he can trust, Kevin develops an elaborate plan to catch the deadly invisible enemies and stop their planned attack. As his plan unfolds, on the dark side of the World Wide Web, he learns the full scale of evil’s resurrection—the reach and power of the Internet places the fate of ten percent of the world’s population and seven world leaders in his hands. With the minutes counting down he unleashes a “cyber rendition,” luring evil into his world and putting himself in its cross-hairs

Details: 453 pages, paperback and eBook  available worldwide at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple Book, Chapters-Indigo and hundreds of independent booksellers 

ISBN-13: 978-0-9938605-6-0 (Paperback)  ISBN-13: 978-0-9938605-5-3 (eBook)


“Cybersecurity expert Kevin Albright is living a shadow life. After foiling a potentially catastrophic plot to detonate a 2000-mile oil pipeline and seeing his family life torn to shreds, Albright is forced to flee his country, leaving behind his identity, his friends, and a trail of international criminals hell-bent on killing the man who ruined their plans.

But Jack Banks – Kevin’s new alias – cannot leave his past life behind. Haunted by the memories of the destruction of his family and obsessed with bringing the perpetrators to justice, Burke uses his new job as a technician at a small town internet service provider to search the web for clues – only to find himself embroiled in yet another plot to hack and attack critical infrastructure around the world.

The third book in Harold Lea Brown’s Deadly Invisible Enemy series, Evil Resurrection is a thrilling glimpse into the hidden realm of dark web hackers and the government agencies involved in bringing them to justice. The majority of the story is seen through the eyes of two main characters -amateur spy Kevin Albright and former gangster Big D, and it also brings a whole ensemble of players into the digital chess game unfolding in real-time.

The plot is an intricate and twisting web, that will have you flicking back to previous chapters, in an attempt to join the dots as the layered network of characters and events grows larger and larger. Although the concepts involved are highly technical, the reader is never left behind; the complexities of computer hacking are explained clearly without being patronizing. While this does leave some of the ‘explanation’ dialogue feeling a tad clunky, with conversations between the characters slightly forced in to explain some of the more tricky parts of computer hacking, it is also a fascinating insight into the ever expanding invisible world that oversees more and more of our daily lives.

The story moves at lighting pace, with short easy to digest chapters jumping from location to location and character to character. A slight criticism is that this constant fast pace somewhat takes away from the climactic ending – when all the strands of the story begin to come together, there’s no space left to move the suspense and drama up a notch for the climax.

Evil Resurrection is a highly enjoyable read with twists and turns aplenty. The characters are real and relatable and will leave you wishing you had the lightning fingers of a ‘white hat’ computer hacker – or even the lavish life of a cigar-smoking, cognac-sipping crime lord. As soon as the last page is turned you will be eagerly looking toward the next instalment in the Deadly Invisible Enemies series,” — ★★★★ LITERARY TITAN 2020


 “Evil Resurrection by Harold Lea Brown is a fantastic, fictitious but eerily realistic book that I recommend anyone get their hands on. I would arguably call this a cyber thriller read and I find it such a great action book for those who seek something they do not want to putdown and just fully engross themselves into the story.

I think this is a really suitable and relative read to today’s day and age, as it dwells upon “evil global cyber forces” (I love that term) that inspire us to wonder if they would provoke events such as those in the book to actually occur in the near future. I love the action-packed adventure narrative that Brown has created and he does an absolutely amazing job at keeping us on our toes for what is due to happen in each chapter of the story, right from the very beginning too, I will add.

The dialogue is great and I did not find myself getting lost at all. I love the chapter length, and as it is such a great big book, it helps with setting the pace for the duration of the story. It was a real page turner for me; I found I didn’t put the book down for hours on end.

My only critique for Evil Resurrection is that it is full of jargon that newcomers like myself might take a hot minute to get their heads wrapped around, though it’s not too crazily packed with technical terms, it will just take some adjusting. In saying that, this is the 3rd instalment of Deadly Invisible Enemies, so I won’t deduct from my rating as I should have started from the first book and given it a chance to introduce the jargon. I would assume reading from the 1st book would help me ease into it a lot better!

Overall I was thrilled and amazed by the journey created by Harold Lea Brown and I am keen to read the other novels in the series!” — ★★★★★ out of 5 stars Cyber Thriller Reviewed in Australia on 10 November 2020 – Kat R.

Evil Resurrection (Book 3)

Evil Resurrection ~ Harold Brown

Evil in the Air (Book 1)

Evil in the Air ~ Harold Brown

Hunt for Evil (Book 2)

Hunt for Evil ~ Harold Brown

Evil Resurrection (Book 3)

Evil Resurrection ~ Harold Brown