Welcome to the official website of Harold Lea Brown, international award winning screenwriter and author of the Deadly Invisible Enemies (DIE) techno thriller novel series.

His screenplays, miniseries, series, teleplays and novels have garnered recognition at more than one hundred film festivals and competitions around the world, including Canada, the United States, Mexico, Spain, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Ireland, The Netherlands, Indonesia, Italy, India, Romania, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, China and Hong Kong.

Harold L Brown

Story has always been a part of who Harold Lea Brown is—it is in his blood—he believes story is life well told.  In his teens, he told story through music when he played in a rock band.  Later he told story through award winning poetry and used story as a way of communicating corporate history and vision as a chief business strategist. He has also published award winning technical articles in information management. His family roots are Norwegian and Finnish, where story is core to passing on history to future generations.

 While holding down corporate executive positions, he studied fiction and non-fiction writing, screenwriting, acting, television and film production, taking on opportunities to be on the set of television and movie shoots—all to learn alternative mediums of storytelling.  He has appeared as an extra or actor in more than fifteen Canadian, U.S. and international co-productions, commercials, industrial films, made-for–television movies and series, and feature films.  He has studied the producer side of the film and television business, and received the Gerri Cook Memorial Award for the Most Promising Producer

Harold L. Brown ~ The War Bride
Harold L. Brown ~ The Arrangement AKA Blood Money
Harold L. Brown ~ Silent Cradle
Harold L. Brown ~ Question of Privilege
Harold L. Brown ~ Mystery Alaska

Harold has been nominated four times and received festival Writer of the Year honors three times, and received the Aristotle Award For Excellence in Writing.  He also received the Melissa Goodman Caregiver Award.  He is also featured in the “The Top 100 Indie Writers in the World Part 1” by Del Weston and Theresa Weston, and is a recipient of the Mico Award for Innovation, Courage and Excellence in Film Arts and the Producer Emergence Program Gerri Cook Memorial Award for Most Promising Producer.

Harold gives back to the film and writing community, co-sponsoring the annual Young Storyteller Awards at Action on Film MegaFest, and Harold L. Brown Award of Excellence – 1st Time Writer at The Northern Virginia International Film & Music Festival.