Deadly Invisible Enemies (DIE) screenplays

A techno-thriller drama miniseries and series with Bible. A Techno Thriller Miniseries, TV/Cable Series with Bible, Web Series


Deadly Invisible Enemies

Deadly Invisible Enemies (DIE) screenplays have garnered more than seventeen awards and honours around the world including:

2021 – Las Vegas Asian Asian Film Awards Best Screenplay Feature (Pilot); Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival Nominated (In Competition) Screenplay (Pilot) under 60 pages International; Calgary Independent Film Festival Semi-Finalist Best Feature Screenplay; Niagara Falls International Short Film Festival Official Selection Best Unproduced Script; Toronto Film and Script Awards Official Selection Best Unproduced Script; 2020Canadian Cinematography Awards Semi-Finalist Best Screenplay (Miniseries); 2019 – Amsterdam Film Festival Official Finalist Van Gogh Award Best Television (Miniseries) Script; Las Vegas International Film and Screenwriting Competition and Festival; Nominated Best TV Script (Pilot) Original Drama; 2018Mountain Film Festival Seven Summits Award Best Screenplay-Miniseries;  2017Los Angeles Independent Film Festival 1st Place Webseries Pilot; Hollywood Dreamz International Film Festival and Action on Film International Film Festival Miniseries Most Likely to be Produced Screenplay; The Indie Gathering International Film Festival Best Suspense-Thriller Feature Script Award; Williamsburg International Film Festival  Honorable Mention Best Screenplay (Miniseries); 2016 – MartialCon Festival Best Drama/Action Award; Honolulu Film Awards Official Finalist Award; 2015International Independent Film Awards Gold Award for Feature Scripts; the Harlem International Film Festival Top 4 Finalist; 2014 Barcelona International Film Festival El Rey Award Special Jury Prize Screenplay, Screenplay Festival Finalist Best Thriller/Horror Screenplay.


In 2004, an early version of the screenplay titled “The Invisible Messenger,” was a top 10% finalist at the Academy Nicholl Fellowships, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.


A renowned computer security expert loses everything when security is breached at the highest levels of government. Dying to get the truth, he discovers an invisible underworld where justice, crime, terrorism and politics are an global electronic game played, won and lost one byte at a time. 

DIE is a story that continues to be years ahead of it’s time, written before CSI appeared.  Initially a feature, interest demanded other delivery streams, including: an award winning miniseries, a cable/streaming series and a webseries.  A series bible has been developed to address cable/streaming series interest.


4 hour miniseries, 12 episode limited series and a webisode series based on the Deadly Invisible Enemies series novels Evil in the Air (Book 1); Hunt for Evil (Book 2) and Evil Resurrection (Book 3) have been developed, along with an extensive DIE Series Bible, with character and story arcs.


“A strong candidate for a mini-series of TV pilot …” Extreme Screenwriting gives Deadly Invisible Enemies a CONSIDER.

“It’s a strong, intense and smart piece …” Slamdance Festival Judge Screenwriting Competition

It’s obvious that you (the writer) put a lot of effort into planning, writing, and revising this screenplay. The scenes are all in there for a reason, and they’re short, snappy, and full of purpose, giving the script a ready-for-production feel. It’s also exciting, thrilling, well-polished, and a commercially viable concept. The pacing couldn’t be any better. It doesn’t have one boring second; I can imagine people being glued to the screen while watching this movie. On a similar note, you (the writer) build suspense very well. You place clues out there that are obvious if you pay attention, but not overly obvious…” BlackCat Screenplay Competition Judge

“… techno-thriller where the computer plays as much a role as any of the characters.  The story is entirely plausible and suitably chilling, and the main character in particular is an interesting and sympathetic one. The stakes are high and the conflicts well amplified.” – Praxis Script Report


Kevin Albright, internationally renowned computer security expert speaks to the Twenty-Second International Youth Conference on Global Security, “Time and gain, we have been lulled into a false sense of security and in the twenty-first century, this has never been more true. Today, the virtual reality is that computer and telecommunications technology has leapfrogged the globe’s ability to protect critical assets and information.”  He continues, “Think about that for one moment. Right now, no country, no government, no business and no individual who uses something as basic as a computer or telephone is able to guarantee their communications are not being compromised. I am willing to bet that while you are here today, at a security conference, in Washington D.C., discussing cyber security, many of you have let your guard down — been lulled into a false sense of security.”

Kevin slowly pans the audience, stopping periodically to watch delegates react as strange DIGITAL SOUNDS erupt from their devices. The chorus of smartphone RINGTONES grows, soon the auditorium sounds like a badly tuned orchestra.