A Drama Feature and Series with Bible.


Destiny of Tar and Feathers ~ Harold Brown

Destiny of Tar and Feathers has garnered more than twenty awards and honours around the world including:

2021 – Cult Critic Movie Awards (India) Best Feature Script; Harlem International Film Festival Top 4 Finalist Best Feature Script; Montreal Independent Film Festival Honourable Mention Best Script; Vancouver Independent Film Festival Finalist Best Feature Screenplay; Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival Official Selection (In Competition) for Best Screenplay under 120 pages; Calgary Independent Film Festival Semi-Finalist (In Competition) Best Unproduced Script 2020– NewsFest (True Stories) Festival Best Feature Length Script.  Nominated for Best Politically Relevant Screenplay, Best Social Impact Screenplay, Best Script Inspired by History and Best Human Interest Screenplay; Canadian Cinematography Awards Finalist Best Screenplay 2019 – Northern Virginia International Film and Music Festival Nominated Best Drama Screenplay; Beverly Hills Film Festival Golden Palm Screenplay Competition Nominated Best Feature Screenplay 2018 – The Indie Gathering International Film Festival 3rd Place Best TV Pilot; The Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards (United Kingdom) Nominated Best Genre Piece TV Screenplay 2017 – Austin Film Festival 2nd Rounder AMC One-Hour Pilot Script Competition 2016 – Barcelona International Film Festival Grand Jury Prize Best Screenplay; International Independent Film Awards Gold Award Best Screenplay 2015 – TrindieFest Colorado Silver Award Best Drama Screenplay; Oaxaca FilmFest Mexico Global Screenplay Competition Official Selection; Mountain Film Festival Official Finalist Best Feature Screenplay 2014 – Yosemite International Film Festival 1st Place Best Feature Screenplay 2013 – Action on Film International Film Festival (MEGAFest) Runner Up Award for Best Screenplay; Honolulu Film Awards Official Finalist Best Feature Screenplay

In 2007, an early version of the screenplay titled “A Criminal Action,” was a top 20% finalist at the Academy Nicholl Fellowships, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.


Estranged from his family Métis settlement, a corporate lawyer finds his loyalties torn when he’s caught in the middle of a settlement dispute with the government and a powerful company over jobs and oil rights.

Initially a feature screenplay, interest demanded creation of a series for development consideration.  A pilot script and series bible for a five season series has been created.

ISBN-13: 978-0-9938605-8-4


“Admirable undertaking in presenting a complex network of voices.  The author has tackled a challenging story that involves the personal journey of one man’s transfiguration, the societal and environmental issues facing Aboriginals, the corporate commercial interests that override ethical decision making, and the larger political machine that legitimizes the tainted process. James is presented as a sympathetic figure who grapples with the illusions from his entrenched education in the White Man’s world and the reality of his eroding culture and self-identity as a Métis. The story comes across as well researched in the complex issues of Aboriginal history, oil sands development, and governmental procedures.” — Praxis Script Report –


A professional scene reading of Destiny and Tar and Feathers performed for the 2021 Harlem International Film Festival can be watched below.