Devil's Valley Justice

An Action/Adventure, Modern Day Western Feature.


Devil's Valley Justice ` Harold L. Brown

Devil’s Valley Justice has garnered more than twenty-nine awards and honours around the world including:

2023 – The Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards Semi-Finalist Best Screenplay; 2022 – Toronto Nollywood International Film Festival Best Screenplay Under 120 Pages; Big Apple Film Festival and Screenplay Competition Honorable Mention Best Feature Screenplay; 2021 – Burbank International Film Festival Finalist Nominee Best Screenplay; WorldFest Houston International Film Festival Silver Remi Award Best Western Feature Screenplay; Santa Barbara International Screenplay Awards Honorable Mention Best Feature Screenplay; First Frame International Film Festival Honorable Mention Best Feature Screenplay; 2020 – Breaking the Walls Thriller Contest Top Finalist Best Screenplay; Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards Semi-Finalist Best Feature Screenplay; 2018 – The Evolution! Mallorca International Film Festival (Spain) Semi-finalist Best Feature Screenplay; 2017 – Alaska International Film Awards 2nd Place Winner; Circus Road Films competition Honorable Mention (top 4) Award winner; 2016 – Los Angeles Cinema of Hollywood Award of Merit Best Screenplay; Austin Film Festival 2nd Rounder (top 10%) Finalist Best Screenplay; The Hollywood International Moving Pictures Festival Finalist Award; Academy Nicholl Fellowships Two positive scores placing just outside the top 20% of scripts; The Beverly Hills International Film Festival and Northern Virginia International Film and Music Festival Official Selection; 2015 – The Indie Gathering International Film Festival 1st Place Award Best Feature Action Screenplay; Barcelona International Film Festival 2nd Place Award Best Screenplay; Los Angeles Independent Film Festival (2015) 4th Place Award Best Action/Thriller Feature Screenplay; 2014 –  Mexico Oaxaca FilmFest Official Selection for Best International Screenplay; Catalina Film Festival Award of Merit Best Screenplay; International Independent Film Award Silver Award; Bare Bones International Film and Music Festival Best International Screenplay Silver Medallion Award; Sacramento International Film Festival Official Selection; 2013 – Mexico International Film Festival 2nd Place Award Best Screenplay; 2012 – Honolulu Film Awards The Gold Kahuna Award for best screenplay; Las Vegas Film Festival and Los Angeles Movie Awards Honourable Mention; Selected for production of a writer’s scene at the Action on Film International Film Festival with award winning Performer and Director Anthony De Longis reading a scene which screened during the 2012 film festival.


An emotionally distant patriarch must saddle up and use everything within his means to rescue his kidnapped daughter as a result of a multi-generational feud between a Mexican cattle baron family and the lawmen in an Arizona border town.


111 page feature screenplay


A powerful and intense story…”Extreme Screenwriting gives Devil’s Valley Justice a RECOMMEND.

“I love the way it just jumps into plot and the way action scenes double as exposition. Very well done! The bureaucratic elements seem realistic and do a good job at putting conflict into the piece. I really like how it’s so violent and fast paced but then the inciting incident is something so innocuous—two characters being linked together… While stories of going against Mexico’s drug cartels are nothing new, this script does it in a way to make it fresh and original. …a modern day Western is extremely interesting and well-paced, with good action. John Sage is such a complex character that you want to stand behind, despite the faults he has. There’s a lot of change and accomplishment that happens in the script and it has a very satisfying ending.” Slamdance Festival Judges Screenwriting Competition


“The whole revenge and avenging plot motif is great, audiences love this kind of thing and it’s timeless. What the writer has done here is create a kind of modern day cowboy tale. There is little to no doubt that this is something that audiences would love to see again. It has been awhile since the concept has graced the screens in such a way and audiences are ready for it.… this is a great script, one of the most professional I have seen…” WILDSOUND Screenplay Festival Judge


“This is a good script with a lot of potential. John felt like a pissier version of John Wayne, which was great. The characters are flawed, their growth is trackable, and the narrative moves forward scene to scene…” Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition Judge


“Devil’s Valley Justice is smartly written. We easily get a feel for the writer’s skill and vision. We like how this plot unfolds and how the grittiness of this border town lifestyle is reflected on the page.”  ISA Development Program Evaluation


“A fast-moving thriller/revenge piece. The voice shows a lot of control and gives you the action set pieces and escalations you expect in this type of script. This script is competently crafted …the dialogue is solid, and the description moves the story forward and successfully conveys the serious tone of the piece…individual scenes are well-structured…” Academy Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting


A professional scene reading of Devil’s Valley Justice can be watched below.