Hope is not a Black and White Rainbow - A Play in Two Acts

A Drama, Mystery, Crime Feature

Nothing in life is ever black and white.

Hope is not a Black and White Rainbow ~ Harold Brown

Hope is Not a Black and White Rainbow the stage play has garnered more than four awards and honours around the world including:

2023 – Screencraft Stage Play Competition Beverly Hills, CA Quarterfinalist Best Stage Play; 2022 – Las Vegas International Film and Screenwriting Festival Best Stage Play; Northern Virginia International Film and Music Festival Jury Award Stage Play; Katra Film Series New York City, New York Best Stage Play; The Crime List, Ink and Cinema, USA Official Selection/Finalist– Competed against other Stage Plays, Screenplays, Teleplays, Books, Manuscripts and Short Stories


The play was showcased by the Playwrights Guild of Canada ‘Pitch It’ program for professional playwrights in 2023.


An orphaned trustee manager, sent to a town to wrap up a sawmill owner’s estate, deals with escalating crime and complicated race relations, and uncovers unimaginable secrets about his interracial birth parents, as he begins to realize the lives of a community and displaced immigrants are dependent on him.


A Play in Two Acts


“This is a wonderful drama and Nic is a worthy main character, with an intriguing plight.  The play on words (“Rainbow”) is clever.” Austin Film Festival Stage Play Competition


“Hope …is a compelling play with loveable characters and deep themes. Nic is a strong protagonist because he has clear goals and high stakes obstacles – his trauma around moving between foster homes as a kid works well as his wound and allows us to empathize with him and root for him throughout.” ScreenCraft Stage Play Competition