Hope is Not a Black and White Rainbow

A Drama, Mystery, Crime Feature

Hope is not a Black and White Rainbow

Hope is Not a Black and White Rainbow screenplay has garnered more than twenty-eight awards and honours around the world including:

2021 – The New Cinema Film & Music Festival 2020/2021 New York, Best Written Word Feature; Calgary Independent Film Festival Semi-Finalist Best Unproduced Script; Bucharest Film Awards Quarter-Finalist Best Feature Screenplay; 2020 – Rome Independent Prisma Awards Official Selection Best Feature Screenplay/TV Script; Canadian Cinematography Awards (CaCA) Finalist Best Screenplay; Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival Best Screenplay Under 120 Pages (Canada); New York Movie Awards Honorable Mention Best Feature Script; Cult Critic Movie Awards Nominee Jean Luc Godard Award Best Screenplay; 2019 – Cult Critic Movie Awards Best Feature Screenplay; Hollywood Dreamz International Film Festival and Writers Competition Finalist Best Feature Screenplay; The Most Important Films International Film Festival Official Selection Best Feature Screenplay;  Las Vegas International Film and Screenwriting Competition and Festival  Best Feature Script – Mystery and Nominated Best Feature Script – Crime; New York Independent Cinema Awards Nominee Best Unproduced Screenplay; 2018 – Northern Virginia International Film and Music Festival  Best Family Feature Screenplay Award;  Austin Revolution Film Festival Best Family Feature Screenplay Award; San Francisco IndieFest Semifinalist Best Screenplay; Jogja International Film Festival (Indonesia) International Award of Merit For Screenwriting; Beverly Hills Film Festival Nominated Best Screenplay;  Alaska Film Awards Official Finalist Best Feature Screenplay;  2017 – ColorTape International Film Festival (Australia) Top 10 Screenplay Award;  2016 – The Indie Gathering International Film Festival 1st Place Feature Family Category; 2015 – Sanford International Film Festival Finalist Script to Screen Award; 2014 – Action on Film International Festival Best Dialogue Feature Award;  2nd Rounder (top 15%) Finalist Best Screenplay; Williamsburg International Film Festival NYC Honourable Mention Best Feature Screenplay; International Independent Film Awards Bronze Award Best Feature Screenplay; Barcelona International Film Festival Official Finalist Best Feature Screenplay; Los Angeles New Media Film Festival top eight finalist Best Feature Screenplay; WILDsound Screenplay Festival Best Feature Screenplay; 2012 – Harlem International Film Festival New York City, NY Top Three Screenplay Finalist; 2011- Honolulu Film Festival Aloha Accolade Award Best Feature Screenplay; 2010 – Las Vegas International Film Festival Official Finalist Best Feature Screenplay.


An orphaned trustee manager, sent to a town to wrap up a sawmill owner’s estate, deals with escalating crime, complicated race relations and uncovers secrets about his true identity.  This property is also being developed as a stage play.


102 page feature screenplay


“There is some great character work here — Nya is an amazing role for an actress. Her history is heartbreaking. This is an ambitious script. It’s message is profound. The setting and situation feel original/fresh. Action lines are succinct and vividly paint the film in the mind of the reader — well done. There’s so much to like in this piece.” Academy Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting


“Our readers thoroughly enjoyed your script. You crafted an intriguing and mysterious world.” Austin Film Festival


“Smart concept…” Slamdance Festival Judge Screenwriting Competition

“This is one of those compelling screenplays that not only entertains its audience but also has something to say.” WILDSOUND Screenplay Festival Judge


“Here we have a script that identifies with the politics and struggles associated with racism, prejudice and ignorance. It explores different opinions and mindsets that are often encountered when dealing with these types of issues and opens the mind as to how far our society has come in the quest for equality, but also shows how far we still have to go. One character that stood out for me was Bem, despite not being a lead character his scenes were quite significant. They were strong in delivering the message of the importance of listening to other people’s stories; considering their journeys and being open to the benefits of everybody to work together. The opening scene was effective in grabbing the reader’s attention and I thought the use of voice over was well placed in the beginning and particularly in the end with Nic’s final monologue, which summed up the story beautifully.” BlackCat Screenplay Competition Judge


A professional scene reading of Hope is Not a Black and White Rainbow performed by the WILDSOUND Screenplay Festival can be watched  by Clicking Here