A Techno Political Thriller Feature


Search for Independence ~ Harold L Brown

20/20: Search for Independence has garnered more than thirty-eight awards and honours around the world including:

2022- Emerging Screenwriters Best Suspense Screenplay Quarter-Finalist; Palm Springs Movie Awards Best Screenplay Semi-Finalist; Wiki: World’s Fast Screenplay Contest Best Screenplay Quarter-Finalist; 2021 – Austin Film Festival 2nd Rounder Best Screenplay; Calgary Independent Film Festival Best Feature Screenplay Semi-Finalist; Miami International Cinefest Best Thriller Screenplay; Montreal Independent Film Festival Best Screenplay; Five Continents International Film Festival Best Feature Screenplay Nominee; Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival Best Unproduced Screenplay Finalist; Toronto Film and Script Awards Best Unproduced Screenplay Nominee; 2020 – Las Vegas Asian Film Awards (2020) Best Feature Screenplay; Canadian Cinematography Awards (2020) Best Screenplay Finalist; 2019 – Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival Best Screenplay Semi-Finalist; Asia Screen Awards Best Feature Script Award of Merit; Pinnacle Film Awards Silver Award Best Feature Script; Hollywood Dreamz International Film Festival Best Screenplay Finalist ; 2018 – Las Vegas International Film Festival Runner-Up Best Overall Script and Best Action/Script category winner; Orb Media Group China-Hollywood Screenwriting Fellowship Semifinalist; Script Summit Best Screenplay Finalist; 2017 – Beverly Hills Screenplay Competition Finalist; Mountain Film Festival Grand Prize Award;  Austin Revolution Film Festival Best Script – Thriller Award; Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood Best Script Award; Stockholm Independent Film Festival Semi-Finalist; 2016 – Mexico International Film Festival Official Finalist; California Film Awards Festival Honorable Mention; Thriller/Suspense Festival Winner First Scene Award; Yosemite International Film Festival 3rd Place Award; Northern Virginia International Film and Music Festival Screenplay Jury Award; Academy Nicholl Fellowship Top 20% Finalist; Canada International Film Festival Official Finalist Best Screenplay Award; 2015 – Action on Film International Film Festival Most Ambitious Script Award; International Independent Film Awards Platinum Award Best Feature Screenplay; Barcelona International Film Festival Honorable Mention; Williamsburg International Film Festival NYC Honorable Mention; The Indie Gathering International Film Festival Honorable Mention; Los Angeles Movie Awards Honorable Mention; Alaska International Film Festival Official Finalist Best Screenplay; Honolulu Film Awards Official Finalist Best Screenplay.


A cattle rancher invents a new energy source to replace oil and gets caught in a series of escalating Canada/United States/China conflicts and games of high-stakes espionage over global energy dominance, and must assess who he can really trust.


110 page feature screenplay


“I liked the story a lot… GREAT WORK!…” Extreme Screenwriting gives 20/20: Search for Independence a CONSIDER.


“Overall, ‘20/20: Search for Independence’ is a strong, well structured, and compelling story. It looks at how the price of oil can be so devastating, monetary, politically, and personally, if not handled in the best interests of world inhabitants. This is particularly true when seeking independence from other countries who hold the energy cards. Placing three major governments and a third world country at risk at the heart of this story sets up intrigue and passion. The story is built on a strong three-act structure with well developed characters, and authentic dialogue… perhaps streamlining the narrative… would make this world class story even stronger. Well done!!” Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition Judge


“This is a complex political thriller that examines notions of government corruption, world economics and the oil industry through the story of Jeff Bekk, a skilled scientific inventor and cowboy who must go to great ends. There is something undeniably impressive about this screenplay’s ambitious plotting that spans countries, government agencies, protest organizations and journalists…” Academy Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting


“… very well researched. I don’t think this is an easy world to write about but there is a level of confidence that you know exactly what this world is.”  Slamdance Festival Judges Screenwriting Competition


A professional scene reading of 20/20: Search for Independence can be watched below.